Pregnancy Of Writing

Aside from thinking of what to write, many also ask; When to write? or When’s the perfect time to right?

Well, to answer that, let’s start with this:

“I don’t believe in pressure.”

Others may not agree (because some works great under pressure) but writing should not be a pressure. It is like pregnancy, the mother carries the child for 9 months. Patiently waiting for the right time to give birth to her child. Patiently nourishing the beautiful human for 9 months, so when it’s time for the child to see the world, he’s healthy. He’s ready.

Same in writing; it needs time. It needs the right time to have a beautiful creation.

So when it is?

It is when you have the urge to express, you have the reason, the emotion. Let that emotion rebel and boil inside you, making your heart beat a little bit faster.

Let the emotion, let the sensation take control over your hand and mold itself into words, into poetry. In the right time.

The right and perfect time is within you.


Write what you want.

Write whenever you want.

End it whenever you want.

End it the way you want.


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