Between The Lines


Well, all of us have asked a friend, a family, or even a stranger:


“What do you need?”


But have we asked:


“What does the world needs?”


Yes, we should ask ourselves that question. For me, what the world needs as of now is Benefit of the doubt.

Not believing directly anything we see or hear. An easy way to say it: Use your in-depth judgment. Digesting first things and fact meticulously before believing it and holding onto it. Not just using our mind but also our heart.


Believing instantly on things will make us and proves that people nowadays are “dumb”. And with that, we can be easily fooled especially by the media. People in the media (even from other organizations that give out information) will either think: we trust them or we are just brainless. And with them having the control over pieces of information and us believing in it in an instant, they can control us.

Instead of knowing what’s really happening around us, they’ll just put up some stories and manipulated pieces of information for us to bite.


Again, we’re blindsided!


Aside from the media aspect, we also have to give the benefit of the doubt to other people. Giving them the such is equivalent to giving them justice. Giving them the chance to prove themselves. Like the famous line goes:


“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”


Besides, there’s no harm in being fair.


The world will be a better place if we just read between the lines. Be in-depth instead of superficial. Being meticulous at times, yet having heart. If everyone do that, if everyone will have open minds; a happy, peaceful, and fair world is not impossible.

Because being ignorant and blinded with lies leads to corruption that leads to dispute, that leads to poverty that leads to sadness, and finally leads to despair. With that, I am heart crushed.


Now I’m trying to reach out to everyone who read this. Let’s all bring back the benefit of the doubt in this world.


Now, after you have read this personal thought of mine, take a step back. Think. Decide if you agree or not. Then ask yourself. . .


What does the world needs?


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