There’s No Such Thing As Nonsense

Here is something sensible.


Everytime we read an article, we have 3 reactions:

First: “It’s okay”

Second: “This is good!” and

Third: “Pfft! It’s nonsense!”

So, have you ever judged an article as nonsense? For me, there’s no such thing as nonsense, especially on “written” things. Well, honestly; me too before judge things in that kind of way, saying:

Shoot! Another nonsense. Why can’t they write decent materials?!”

But as I’ve learned my way deeper into writing, accompanied with some experiences; my mind was opened to the idea that:

It’s all about EXPRESSING. Not formality and technicality.


Still in relevance with that, I also learned or more on that I believe that we all write to express, to voice ourselves out. Thus, writing is a form of expression. So how can it be “nonsense” if it is an expression of the writer on how he see things? Yes, maybe it’s misleading or disorganize, but NEVER nonsense.

Expressing (especially an emotion) is full of colors, even the morbid and the saddest ones. It will never be colorless. Same in writing.

writingpromptlyempathy (1)

Feeling and empathizing are greater than rational understanding.

Just remember:

Sometimes, we write to be felt, not to be understood.


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