Acceptance From Detachment

At some point in our life, we all experience sadness, grief, and despair. And upon feeling with just either one of those, we directly want to get over it. Detach and accept. But our usual question is how?


For me running away is not the solution.


Running away from it will just haunt you. And it will be more amplified. In life, being scared makes no good. It will just make your current situation bad, or even worse. It’ll confine you. It’ll decapitate you.

The fear of acceptance will just give us bigger scale of fear and tense. Now, the best way to conquer all those, to detach and accept is:

Face it. Dive yourself straight into it.


Dive yourself to that thing you are afraid of, to that thing you want to detach from. I know it sounds ironic and silly but it’s the most effective way to achieve acceptance. Detachment is paving the way for acceptance.



Acceptance is the easiest part. The hard part is the process of detaching. Facing that monster who wants to eat you. Trust me, it’s not really easy. Maybe you are thinking that it is like suicide, but no. You dive into that emotion to know it. To know what kind of chills it brings, what senses it pricks, and what kind of spine tingling sensation it brings to you. You don’t need to stop feeling it or run away from it. You need to experience it wholly so you can say;

Oh! This is what it feels like. This gives me this specific kind of chills.


In that way, you can now let it go because you already know it. You now know what it feels like.

Then you can now have acceptance. Acceptance of the things that brought you that strong negative emotions. You can now let it go and accept.


So don’t be afraid. Dive yourself straight into that thing you want to detach from.



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