To be honest and direct, I really don’t know how Empathy works, but for me this is Empathy…


It is when you feel others. Yet, it is far greater and different from Compassion and Sympathy. You feel every bit of their emotion even without completely knowing the reason what cause that certain emotion. You feel that you’re connected.


Maybe that’s what it is all about: Deep connection.

Even on strangers, you feel them. Like you own the emotion. And not just on people you feel empathy, even on things; movies, books, and even songs.

Personally I feel on those stuff. I cry on books and on songs. It heaves up my chest, especially the sad ones.


I know it’s weird, but I feel connected to the world. Sad news makes me frown, breakups makes me sad, death makes me depress. It makes me want to own all the sadness in the world. I want to see everyone, or maybe just a few sad person lit up their faces. Yes, it will be a burden and a “hurt” to me to own up the sadness of the world, but seeing them happy will be such a reward, in that way: the world will be a better place.


Yes, it’s weird. It’s masochism. And I’m a masochist.


I sometimes wish that everyone is so emphatic, so we’ll be connected. Feeling each other, be sensitive, be caring to the world, be HUMAN.


Because as I observed, most of the people today are egotistical. So wrapped up on small things that only benefit themselves and sometimes, doesn’t matter at all.

We should all feel each other, letting our guard down, letting everyone in. . .


This world of rationalist needs to be a world of Idealists times.

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