. . .so that others may gain

Who are good leaders? What are good leaders? Are there any good leaders out there?


Good leaders are the ones who put others first before themselves. They are selfless. These are the people who willingly and wholeheartedly helps others without waiting for something in return; because for them, the act of altruism is already a big reward.


Good leaders are made of heart and soul. Not by authority and rules. These people don’t let others feel fear, instead welcomes everyone and let them feel safe under his protection; that someone can sleep soundly because he/she knows that someone is watching over to keep him/her safe.

They lead to serve not rule to instill fear.


There are lots of authorities out there, but only a few are genuine leaders. Only few are willing to sacrifice. Only few are motivated by passion. Only few takes the initiative  for change. Only few are willing to go down just to exalt others so they can reach their dreams.

Good leaders are both made and born: made in a way that tough experiences made them realize that you  have to lead by heart and example, and feels self-fulfilment by helping others. On the other hand, some are born naturally born leaders; people that are born with good heart and a soul made for helping others.


There are lots of authorities out there, but only few are leaders. . .


Good leaders sacrifice so that others may gain.



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