Short Note: Leap Of Faith

Sounds so bold. Sounds so brave. But only a few steps up to take the dare.


They say that Leap Of Faith is only for those who have strong hearts. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. Because if you take that Leap Of Faith, you are trusting your gut feel to that one single chance that you will succeed and change your life. You need a strong heart, and technicalities don’t apply.


Maybe it’s also for the weak hearted who wants to change their life and want to have a braver soul and wants to become a better person.


If you want a big change in life, you must leave all those inhibitions behind. Stop wondering, start wandering. Quit being a worrier, be a warrior. Be genuine to yourself; admit that you are scared and ask for help. You don’t need big strides, just small brave steps – I know it’s ironic. But maybe that’s what it is all about… small brave steps not from your feet but from your heart.


And if ever you fail, accept the fact that you fail. Then get up and clean your knees and start taking steps again. Grab that opportunity, never let it go. Don’t think of what if’sbut’s, and I can’t. Think that you can, and do it!


For sure life knock you out coming from any direction that you wouldn’t expect. And instead of putting your arms up in guard position, open your palms and spread your arms and accept anything that life will serve you. ‘Coz maybe that’s what Leap Of Faith is, taking and ceasing opportunities and withstanding life’s strong winds that’ll try to knock you on the ground.


Don’t grow old and regret that you didn’t do what you want (and didn’t do everything for it) when you were younger. Don’t be a man that will be asking for a second chance in life.




2 thoughts on “Short Note: Leap Of Faith

  1. Daniel Ng Thiam Poh

    Hi Eliezer Sanchez,

    May I ask for your permission to use the graphic “Jump what are you waiting for…” for a banner design to be used in a church activity? Thanks!



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