Leaving Town

. . . It’s the last choice, it may be sad, but I know it will make a difference.


Not all the time leaving something behind is the end of it. For others, it is that start of something new. Start of something big. Start of a journey that may forever change lives.


Even if it scares us, even if it makes us sad, sometimes we get the feeling of leaving something to start living and feeling. And it is normal, it is normal in a sense that we all need to refresh or reboot our lives. I think almost all of us get that kind of feeling, but only a few are actually doing it. Others just disregard it.


For me it’s more than a feeling, it’s a calling. A sign telling you that you need to start living your life and come home to a place where you belong and where you ought to be, even if it’s a place where you haven’t been before. Yes, it sounds so dreamy, whimsical, and movie-like but I tell you it happens in real life.

Think of those successful people you know and look up to. I’m sure that they have left something. They sacrificed something before reaching the top. It’s either they left school to learn life on the first-hand experience or left their job to start their own company, or even left home to find themselves. I tell you it’s not easy, but they sacrifice in order to be great in their own way. Even if it means leaving town.


Maybe this just means starting a next chapter without forgetting the previous one, only placing it to our memories and using all the things we learned to be ready enough for this new chapter. But for some it’s starting all over again, back to basics. And whether it is starting the next chapter or starting all over again, what’s important is you took the chance.


Leaving town is taking chances. A choice for your heart, not for your friends or family, only for yourself.

It’s a choice to find yourself and a chance to find the meaning of your life. It’ll be a long adventure full of ups and downs and twists and turns, but if you finally found it, for sure it will make you better and can make a difference to this world.


Leave town – take chances.


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