We have different cultures. Different views, different perspectives, and completely different way of life.


Some people are arguing with each other because of their differences; their culture. Debating and or telling the opposite party that things should be viewed and done this why and not that way, giving reasons that their culture is better or superior.

What we don’t know is that we are in a war, the war of our cultures. Trying to step on others so that someone will prevail and their ways and beliefs will be exalted.

But what I see is that culture is neutral. We are the ones using it in our own advantage, that again results in a massive dispute.

What most people don’t know that culture itself makes us human. Because it makes us different. It differs us from one another.

The problem is that we don’t embrace humanity and humility that results in fencing and clashing of our cultures, instead of embracing it and welcoming others. Overlapping each culture to form a strong bond of acceptance and adaptability where we can lean on each others back and bring down the remaining walls of insignificant differences and continue the overlapping and embracing of others.

Yes, we have different cultures, different ways, different perspectives, different beliefs. And that’s the point, acknowledging our differences. Acknowledging it and learning from other’s culture, not trying to suppress one another.

Culture is a medium and a bridge to connect humanity to itself. To let people find their way back on how being human is, how humanity or culture can unite amidst diversity.


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