We all know how important forgiveness is, but it’s a hard thing to do.

To forgive others who have hurt or betrayed us takes a lot of guts. Those people who forgive easily are maybe those who have been hurt so many times and learned that holding grudge won’t do good on them. And maybe those who can’t forgive are the ones that have anger and fear in their hearts; angry to those who inflicted them pain and fear that if they forgive those people they might hurt him again.

But the hardest part is forgiving yourself. Forgivng yourself for all the things that you should’ve done, for the unsent sorries, for the unreconciled realtionships, for not reaching out to those far away friends, and for the dreams you didn’t chase.

And getting stuck in regretting those things you should’ve done only costs you more pain, and a waste of your precious time. And it wouldn’t take you to where you want to be.

Most of us are just stuck in the “Regret Stage”, and we only forgive others when we are dying, but rarely forgive ourselves.

The thing is we don’t know when will that time come. It’s maybe sooner or later. So while you still have the time, ask and give forgiveness to those who have hurt you and those you’ve hurt. Let your heart be free from the heavy chains of grudge and fear. Accept sorry. Say sorry.

Reconcile with the world while you have the time.

Forgive yourself.


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