The Person Next To You

In our whole life, all the things we do revolves around ourselves.

Am I good enough, can I get a job, can I pay the rent, can I chase my dreams, will I succeed.

Always I. Always we.

People nowadays are so wrapped up with egotistical things; worrying the rent or even about when will the radiator breaks.

Those small things made us self-centered. Making us see only our own reflection, and no one else.

And that’s the problem in our society. It’s so ironic that we are in a community but we only of ourselves. Bad system. Sooner or later we will fail because of this “I” system.

We should stop looking at the mirror, and start looking through the lens of an eyeglasses. Seeing everything more clearly and most importantly seeing others.

You should stop worrying about yourself. Stop the “I” system and start with the “They” mindset. You are not alone, there are others that exist. Others that needs your help. Others that needs you.

I’m not saying that you should forget your problems, my point is: everything is easier when you have someone. Someone that will help you back. Someone you can trust.

We should help each other.

Find someone that needs help. Someone you can pour your heart out. Help each other. Give everything you have. Offer your life to that person, and I am absolutely sure that that person will exactly do the same for you.

With that everything will be a lot easier.


Don’t worry about yourself. Worry about the person next to you.


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