The Places You’ve Come To Fear The Most

Some of us are afraid to go the doctor, or to the dentist. Some fear the heights, some the circus because of the creepy clowns. And some just simply fear to go to the neighbors’ house, afraid of having awkward moments.

But others have greater fear; the fear of stepping out of their circle. The fear of stepping out from their comfort zone.

I understand the fear. Who will not be scared of not knowing what you are stepping or diving into? I myself is scared as hell every time I take a step away from my comfort zone. Every step is a battle against your own thoughts and self-doubt.

Outside the fences of your comfort zone is a world unknown. A place of both horror and fantasy, a place that you should really be afraid of. The thing is, staying in your safe circle downgrades you: it makes you dull. Making your humanity and all of your systems gets used to a controlled environment that cuts your ability to grow and improve. You stay stagnant.

Fear sometimes defeats us. But on the other hand, fear makes us grow. That’s if you have the guts to face it. No need to defeat it, just a move to face it is enough.

Maybe that’s it! You don’t have to battle the fear of taking the step outside of your comfort zone. All you need to do is take that first step with eyes closed and with no fucks given to what will happen as you leave your safe circle.

Sooner or later you’ll find yourself in an unwanted journey that will change your life, a journey that will teach you new things. Or maybe you’ll find the adventure that you’ve been waiting for.

Yes, it’s scary. And gets scarier as you continue to plunge towards the unknown and away from the safe shore,  but it’s all worth it; the adventure, the learning, the mistakes you’ll make, the people you’ll meet. All these things will surely mold you into a better person.

So take that step outside of your comfort zone. You don’t need to defeat fear, just make a move one step at a time.

Just close your eyes and start the adventure to the unknown.


You don’t have the right to complain about life when you yourself is not making a move.


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