There Is No Right Path In LIfe


Yes, there is no really right path in life. The notion of perfect path doesn’t exist.

The “right path” is just being misunderstood from the path you’ve chosen and decided to commit with, whether it’s the right decision or not.

Many complains and regrets about the path that they’ve chosen, saying:

This is not the right path for me. It’s a wrong decision! Now I’m fucked up!

But the real problem in there is the lack of heart to commit on what you have chosen. And the inability to perform under pressure, and push one’s ability to the limits.

The path you have chosen is the path. It’s not right and it’s not wrong, but it’s up to you to make the best out of that decision.

Commit to it. Do the best you can.

You may lose your path many times because of indecision and wrong decision, but you will always find yourself back. Just stay true to yourself.

It’s just a matter of decision and commitment.


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