Who We Are

We all know that life is a journey. A journey of reaching our dreams, sometimes a lifelong soul searching of finding who we really are.

Others are so consumed by the idea of finding who they are or defining who they are before it’s too late. Thinking that not knowing who they are is a big mistake and a rut that they should escape. It seems that it’s a puzzle that they need to solve first before or so that they can chase their dreams, that it’s like a prerequisite!


That notion sometimes blurs the line between living the journey and getting lost in that journey.

It’s okay to question  who you really are and to be confused about it, just as long as you won’t let yourself get drowned by that idea because instead of finding yourself, you’ll just get lost.


All you need to do is just be true to yourself. Do things that will make you happy, try things that scare you. Chase your dreams. After all, it’s your adventure.

This world is a cruel world and people will always judge you. But you will be defined by your victories and losses, not by someone else.


It’s okay to question who you are, it’s okay to set out on a journey to find yourself, just always remember that it is also okay to not find yourself yet.

it’s okay!

Everybody wonders who they are at some point in life, but what you need to keep a certain self-tenacity that will help you survive the journey. That will you keep your head up while life throws you possibilities, chances, and opportunities that will either mold you or dent you.

Just keep your head up.

It’s okay not to find the answers yet. But you will always be the hero you are dreaming of, you just need to prove it.

Your story is just starting.


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