How To Mend A Heartbreak

One of the greatest pain an individual can have is heartbreak. Sooner or later one will experience a break-up and have his heartbreak. It is inevitable.

And it fucking hurts like hell!


The pain is unbearable that one would do anything to surpass and heal his heart as fast as possible, but others get consumed by the agony.


Some become creative (or so to speak) and goes to the internet search for some self-help tips on how to mend a heartbreak, well, It’s their way!

Others distract themselves. They drown themselves into the idea of getting  busy, just to avoid the feeling of pain. But I know at some point, the pain will still rise at some random night when it’s quiet and you’re alone. The pain will fill your eyes.

A few channels it into art. Into their craft. Letting the frustrations mold itself into something, turning it into a dark yet beautiful canvas.

Or trying to harness the pain and mold it into poetries that look like butterflies, but the words itself still hurts.


They still cry.


I think there is no really way to cure heartbreak. Maybe it is a natural process of trying to pound and shake your heart. To m0ld it a  bit. And if it cracks, just let it. Let the cracks be the doorway for the light to get in and illuminate your chest.


Heartbreak is neither good or bad.


It will break you, it will mold you. Sometimes you just have to let the pain lurk for a while. Be not okay, stay up late, drown your pillow with your tears.

Heartbreak is not being okay as soon as you feel it. It is about feeling the pain, it’s about learning that it’s okay to cry and not be yourself.

It’s about letting you get in touch with your emotions again.

It’s about learning that love can’t save everything and time is merely a remedy.

That heartbreak is swimming with the current until you reach the shore. But no one knows how long it will take you. . .


But you’ll surely learn and remember every tread you made in the water.


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