Nothing Taught Me Something

Being at the rock bottom or at the bottom of the pile really sucks! and life-consuming. It makes you want to give up on life ‘coz how can you get up when everything has fallen and you have nothing.

Personally, nothingness taught me a couple of things. It taught me to “believe” when I don’t have hope, because what’s the point of hoping when you don’t believe on what you are doing and in yourself. Hoping is useless when the belief in yourself, in your dreams, and in your vision don’t exist.

Having no one taught me to believe in myself.

Having nothing also taught me to look under my coat and use the only things that I have.

It taught me to be resourceful and creative. To use my imagination and to innovate what limited supplies I have to reach my goals and help myself up.

Having nothing pushes you beyond boundaries.

Nothingness also taught me that it’s okay to be insane. That it’s okay o do crazy things just to feel alive.

The hollow of nothingness taught me the essence of surviving; that it’s more than breathing but making and having a meaning in every breath that you take. To find something, somewhere, or someone that’ll embrace and fill the hollow inside you.

Something that will help you survive.

And for me it’s writing. I am selfish; I don’t write for others, I write for myself. Writing is my way of screaming the raging thoughts inside my head. Writing is my way of surviving. Breathing.


Ironic it may sound but having and or being nothing can be your platform in self-improvement.

You just got to find a way to not be consumed by it.

Instead, embrace it, feed on it. Make it your fuel to go up and reach for the stars.


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