At Least Once

Make mistakes.
Do what it takes,
Take your cape and run til your lungs can’t take it.

Drown in your own breath.
At least once,
Trust the wrong people.
You’ll learn the value of your own choices,
And make you realize the good ones.
The ones who is worth to trust.
Be selfish – love yourself,
That’s the only way to love another.
Because empathy only works
After you relish on selfish decisions.
Live up your demons.
Screw up once in a while.
So you’ll know there’s no easy way out
And if you take one,
It will come back biting.
Choose a bad career,
And then quit.
Realize it wasn’t for you.
Try a whole lot of things
Til you feel like you’re doing the right one.
Make these mistakes at least once.
Be troubled.
Your heart is made up of strong winds
And big waves.
It’s not a waste of time,
But you’ll learn from it.
Remember that success starts with S,
But so does sleep.
Nothing’s gonna deter you,
Your soul is flammable.
You glow no matter what,
So make mistakes.


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