I Created An Ocean And It Swallowed Me

Standing on the edge
Of the diving board of
My comfort zone,
Above the pool
Of things I haven’t met;
You don’t need to be
Face to face with a lion
Before you get scared.
Take the step, they said –
I jump –
Towards the place I dread.
Falling. Falling.
Remember to breathe,
They said.
The pool became an ocean
As our bodies become one.
Clearly breathing
Didn’t work for me
‘Cause I already hit the bottom
Before I counted three.
My body didn’t shatter
But it made lines all over.
Hopefully wallflowers will grow
On my cracks
As a reminder
That there’s beauty after risk.
Fading. Fading.
Tired eyes of mine are closing
When late realization sinks:
That I let myself drown
Because I’m reluctant
To learn how to swim.


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