Nobody Said It Was Easy

Breathe out.

You see people around you graduate, land a good job, marrying the love of their life, starting a family, just basically seeing everyone move on with their lives, and it is not that easy. You will feel that you are inferior to them. That all of them are growing into thick trees that will be soon become part of the forest.

Breathe in.

But if you really want to grab that dream, you got to be thick skinned. Swallow those insecurities and avoid thinking of what others have achieved. Just keep pounding and hustling, hopefully, you will succeed, or maybe not, but I’m sure you’ll get and learn something. It might sting all the time, and people you know maybe part of the forest now but just keep doing it. You are a forest fire.

And yes, I used a Coldplay song lyric as a title. No apologies



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