Nobody Said It Was Easy

Breathe out.

You see people around you graduate, land a good job, marrying the love of their life, starting a family, just basically seeing everyone move on with their lives, and it is not that easy. You will feel that you are inferior to them. That all of them are growing into thick trees that will be soon become part of the forest.

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Sophomore Chapbook: Fist Fights

Sweet treat!!! My sophomore chapbook, Fist Fights, is out now!!! Available in major online book resellers:

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Grab a copy and enjoy a micro collection of contradictions.
Cover art by Julia Orlova

Fairy Lights

I cannot see stars on my window
So I put up tiny light bulbs on the seams of my wall –
I’d watch the fake lights dance
‘Til it starts getting blurry
And then melt into a smudge
As I close my eyes and fall into a coma:
A reminder that hope and happiness
Might not last,
But emptiness is just as temporary.

I Created An Ocean And It Swallowed Me

Standing on the edge
Of the diving board of
My comfort zone,
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It is maybe motivational for others, but every time I hear the phrase “just keep breathing”, it reminds me that life is uncertain.

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Interlude 6

At night I turn my four-walled room

Into a galaxy.

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Dear People

Dear People,


Yes, money has value. But it’s not as important as art, happiness, love,  and the experience of life itself.

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Short Note: Not All Things Work Out

Like we all know, life gets bumpy from time to time and sometimes the signs clearly shows itself and that’s when you know that everything will go down.

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Nothing Taught Me Something

Being at the rock bottom or at the bottom of the pile really sucks! and life-consuming. It makes you want to give up on life ‘coz how can you get up when everything has fallen and you have nothing.

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How To Mend A Heartbreak

One of the greatest pain an individual can have is heartbreak. Sooner or later one will experience a break-up and have his heartbreak. It is inevitable.

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