Sophomore Chapbook: Fist Fights

Sweet treat!!! My sophomore chapbook, Fist Fights, is out now!!! Available in major online book resellers:

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Grab a copy and enjoy a micro collection of contradictions.
Cover art by Julia Orlova


Fairy Lights

I cannot see stars on my window
So I put up tiny light bulbs on the seams of my wall –
I’d watch the fake lights dance
‘Til it starts getting blurry
And then melt into a smudge
As I close my eyes and fall into a coma:
A reminder that hope and happiness
Might not last,
But emptiness is just as temporary.

I Created An Ocean And It Swallowed Me

Standing on the edge
Of the diving board of
My comfort zone,
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Ten hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor,

The Japanese set foot in my country.

It was the 8th of December.

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Interlude 6

At night I turn my four-walled room

Into a galaxy.

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Debut Chapbook: Searchlights

Hello, guys! I am happy and excited to tell you that I’m releasing my debut chapbook: Searchlights this August 18!

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At Least Once

Make mistakes.
Do what it takes,
Take your cape and run til your lungs can’t take it.

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