At Least Once

Make mistakes.
Do what it takes,
Take your cape and run til your lungs can’t take it.

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Nothing Taught Me Something

Being at the rock bottom or at the bottom of the pile really sucks! and life-consuming. It makes you want to give up on life ‘coz how can you get up when everything has fallen and you have nothing.

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How To Mend A Heartbreak

One of the greatest pain an individual can have is heartbreak. Sooner or later one will experience a break-up and have his heartbreak. It is inevitable.

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A Letter To The Future/Older Me

Dear future/older me,


It’s been awhile (or so to speak), so how are you? Where are you now?

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Short Note: Love

Love is the hardest word to define. You just can’t seem to find the right words.

But if someone will ask you:

“What is love?”

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Who We Are

We all know that life is a journey. A journey of reaching our dreams, sometimes a lifelong soul searching of finding who we really are.

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There Is No Right Path In LIfe


Yes, there is no really right path in life. The notion of perfect path doesn’t exist.

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The Places You’ve Come To Fear The Most

Some of us are afraid to go the doctor, or to the dentist. Some fear the heights, some the circus because of the creepy clowns. And some just simply fear to go to the neighbors’ house, afraid of having awkward moments.

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The Person Next To You

In our whole life, all the things we do revolves around ourselves.

Am I good enough, can I get a job, can I pay the rent, can I chase my dreams, will I succeed.

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We all know how important forgiveness is, but it’s a hard thing to do.

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